Giving Incentives May Decrease Your/Employees' Motivation. (Personal & Professional Perspective of Over Justification Theory).

The effect where giving a reward to someone for doing something that is intrinsically rewarding undermines the "joy" for doing that thing. Because the person now sees the reward as the motivation, he/she performs the task less frequently. In a study, children were given opportunities to play with some toys. They really enjoyed playing with these toys -- it was fun for them. Then the researchers gave the children rewards for playing with the toys. What happened was the kids no longer enjoyed playing with the toys. It became less about fun and more about "work".
             Can this be a reason of high attrition in sales related jobs, or at jobs where performance is directly rewarded with extrinsic incentives like bonus etc. ?  
                   It may also make us short sighted as we will be just struggling to get a short term extrinsic incentive and not for a long term benefit of the organisation. 
                      In personal life, if we give incentives to our Children, Ourselves or to any Relative  for doing something then the feelings will be different but, if next time similar kind of incentive is not given then definitely the feelings will change. I know it will be tough to accept this, but why not to try this at your home or office and then contradict this statement. 

Complete Research Explanation can be seen on - http://www.psych-it.com.au/Psychlopedia/article.asp?id=389


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