Pregnant Women Beware of This Marketing Trick.(Marketing To Unborn)

There’s some research to suggest that newborns develop preferences for specific stimuli when they’re in the womb. For instance, a study from Queen’s University found that babies are partial to theme songs that their pregnant mothers frequently listened to. Among other reactions, when hearing the theme song, the babies seemed more alert, stopped squirming and exhibited a decreased heart rate. When listening to new tunes, the babies didn’t show any reactions.
An Asian mall chain wanted to increase sales among pregnant women and started performing various stealthy strategies to prime these consumers to buy. They sprayed Johnson & Johnson baby powder in stores that sold clothes; they sprayed a cherry scent in spots that sold food. And in order to stir up positive emotions and memories, they played calming music dating back to when the women were born.
Sales did increase, but something even more fascinating happened: A year after the experiment, mothers sent a litany of letters to the mall telling them that their newborns were soothed when entering the shopping mall. Writes Lindstrom: “If they were fussing and crying, they simmered down at once, an effect that 60 percent of these women claimed they’d experienced nowhere else, not even places where they were exposed to equally pleasant smells and sounds.”

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